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In 2002 the Fotia Brothers founded On-Site Concrete, LLC to provide the best concrete products with the highest quality of materials.  On-Site Concrete, LLC chooses their materials from mines that supply top quality products, are involved in their communities, recycle by-products and waste, conserve land and use state-of-the art mining.  By using volumetric trucks, On-Site Concrete, LLC has eliminated unwanted waste or no hot loads giving cost savings to the customer by them only having to pay for what is poured not mixed.  The mix is unique for the customer's request.  On-Site Concrete, LLC has been proudly serving the concrete product needs of South Carolina and Georgia areas to general contractors, home owners, home builders, municipalities, major hotels, water parks and swimming pool contractors.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff has 14-30 years' experience in the concrete industry.  They ensure your questions are answered quickly and accurately and complete your job professionally.  On-Site Concrete, LLC can address any special needs that your job may entail such as different quantities or mixes, colors, rapid sets, shotcrete and flowable fill.

Clark Custom Builders, Inc., MAJ Enterprises, Inc., Nix Construction Consulting Company and Savannah Hardscapes Construction are just a few contractors we have worked with over the years.

FAX 843-757-0400      DISPATCH 843-247-1980

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