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Our mixes provide you with the exact amount and strength of concrete you need in an affordable fashion with great flexibility.  You specify your concrete needs in your project and we deliver the product.  With volumetric mixers we can provide precision on any pour, any size, anytime, anywhere you need.

3000-5000 PSI Concrete with #57 Aggregate

3000-5000 PSI Pump Mix with #789 Aggregate

3000-4000 PSI Grout Mix

3000-4000 PSI Dry "Gunite" Mix

Flowable Fill

#57 Aggregate Stone by the Ton     (* delivered or pick up)

#789 Aggregate Stone by the Ton    (*delivered or pick up)

Fiber Reinforcement

Accelerator 1/2%-2%

Masonry Sand                                  (*delivered or pick up)

Concrete Sand                                 (*delivered or pick up)

Fill Dirt                                              (*delivered or pick up)

Bahama Base Crush Run                 (*delivered or pick up)

Bahama Base Crush Run Granite    (*delivered or pick up)

FAX 843-757-0400      DISPATCH 843-247-1980

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